I have made the door and drawer fronts to the kitchen cabinets from 3/4 inch bamboo plywood. One big advantage to this is that I did not need to cover the edges of the fronts, as the plywood is solid bamboo. Also, the plywood has a strong, linear grain pattern which I could use to bolster the horizontal design strategy in the kitchen. I started by cutting the height of 33 inches that I needed for the fronts. Then from that, I cut the width that I needed for each section of the cabinets. The door fronts I left a little wide to allow me to do a final fitting once the doors were mounted. The drawer fronts at this point were a single panel for each section. From these I could make the individual fronts. I attached the drawer fronts by getting them positioned, then clamping them to the drawer, and finally attaching them with screws from the inside of the drawer. I used a wipe on polyurethane finish.