Transforming a Pressure Pot for Resin Casting

I attended a seminar last spring at the Oregon Wood Turning Symposium about casting resin. One of the takeaways I got was that I needed to find a used pressure pot to do resin casting in.  When casting resin under high air pressure, the bubbles get squeezed down so small that you can’t see them and you get a clear resin cast. I found a pressure pot on Craigslist and picked it up for $25. It needed some work to be converted from a paint pressure pot for paint spraying to one for resin casting. There was a bunch of paint spraying functions with the pot that I did not need so I remove those parts. Then I chased down all the leaks in the pressure pot from the different attachments and also made a new lid seal. It now seems to be working and I did a test with some old resin that turned out a little bit yellow. The bubbles in the cast that I did in the pressure pot are definitely smaller but they did not quite completely disappear. I hope this is because I was using old, somewhat thick resin and with some fresh resin I hope I will get a clear cast.