In this project, I wanted to explore photogrammetry and the slicer plug in to Fusion 360. We have wanted to make a dining room light and I thought it would be nice to find a form in nature, especially some kind of food to make the light form. I found a star fruit at the grocery store and thought this would be perfect. I photographed the star fruit and built a computer model of it using the photogrammetry software Meshroom. I then simplified the model and subtracted a space for two light tubes. Then I used Slicer for Fusion 360 and sliced the form in two directions; a single slice forming a spine running longitudinally the length of the star fruit shape, and 21 cross-sectional stars to make up the form of the star fruit. As a first step to bringing the star fruit back to the physical world, I cut out these star fruit slices on the CNC machine at 1/4 scale making a scale model. It went together on the first try. The next step will be to cut out a full size version, make it into a light, and hang it over our dining room table.