Making A New Mallet

I have been experimenting with a new mallet idea. The idea is to glue up a mallet from smaller pieces of wood and then carve that glue up on the rotary 4th axis on the CNC. I started by making a prototype out of Sequoia wood mostly to go through the process: from first making the glue up, to next making a model in the computer, and finally cutting the final shape. I then made 3 versions of a newer design that were closer to what I would like as a mallet. One of these mallets is made completely of fir. Another mallet has a maple handle with a tropical hardwood head.  The third one has a fir handle with a tropical hardwood head. In this third mallet, I put weights within the head.  I like the weight of this third mallet. It is the one that most feels like it could do its job.