The third video in the Studio Jelly series is about the tables and benches. We wanted to continue using reclaimed wood. I found Green Star International that deals in reclaimed wood. I used old bleacher seats from Griswold Stadium at Lewis and Clark College for the tops. I used tropical hardwood that was used under steel as it is shipped for the legs. I removed the metal fasteners and paint from the bleacher seats before making the tops. The tropical hardwood just needed to be jointed, planed, and cut to length. Then it was ready to be made into legs. As there was a lot of repetition, I had to sharpen the jointer and planer during this project. My idea for the tables and benches was that they would be modular and could be easily arranged in different configurations. I wanted the legs to be flush with the corners of the tops. I did not want the tops to overhang the legs. The legs were connected to the tops with an L bracket on the underside. Also, I used two long screws through the top into each leg to hold them in place. I used a fast drying semi gloss polyurethane finish. I sanded with 320 grit sandpaper between coats.