We needed more storage in Claire’s room. We came up with a cubby shelf of nine cubbies in a three by three grid. Each cubby holds an eleven inch fabric box. I found I could build this project with one piece of 4 by 8 plywood. I start by cutting out the pieces for the cabinet carcass. Then I glued and nailed the pieces together starting from the inside working outward. I cut a rabbet for the back, and attached the back, which gives the piece great rigidity. Next I made the top cap. This consists of a frame with a piece of plywood in the center. The function of the top cap is to hide the ends of the plywood sides. Next I made the base. This consists of a frame on four legs. The frame is mitered with biscuit joints. The four legs are turned on the lathe. I attached the base to the carcass with screws. The whole things was sanded and painted. The fabric boxes fit perfect.