We wanted to make a door for our new pantry and I have a bunch of sequoia that I cut about 6 years ago. I thought it would be nice to make a sliding barn door out of these big slabs of sequoia. I had slabs long enough but not quite wide enough so I had to combine two of the slabs to make the door. I did this by cutting out the pith of one of the big slab on the CNC Router. The shape of this cut followed the grain and gave me two pieces with organic edges. Then I cut a wider version of that shape from a second slab. This allowed me to glue the 3 pieces together to make the door. When I cut the large slab apart, the cut relieved stress in the wood and the shape of the two resulting pieces changed. I had to in essence rejoint the seams by re-cutting the same shape on the CNC machine taking off a little bit more of the slab. This allowed the parts to fit together. There were a couple of gaps in the joint between two of the pieces. I made patches to cover these spots with the CNC machine. As the overall pattern of the wood reminded me of bacon, I made the patches in the shape of pieces of bacon instead of the more traditional butterfly or bow tie.